Hello! Thank you for your interest in booking an appointment with Vinny.


1) Fill out the Appointment form ( scroll down ). The more detailed you are with your idea, the quicker the process will be with less emailing back and forth. Reference/inspiration images and a clear picture of the placement, circling where exactly you would like the tattoo to be placed will be extremely helpful.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no attachment button on the form online, so please send a separate email with the photo attachments to 

2) Appointment forms will be answered via email. Due to high demand, please give approximately one week for a response. DMs on Instagram or other form of messaging will not be checked, therefore not prioritized. 

3) Consultation/Scheduling. If it is a right fit, he will respond with some available dates for the tattoo. The consultation will be the same day as the tattoo. However, it is possible that a separate consultation is needed before the tattoo appointment, larger pieces sometimes require an in-person consultation. If in that case, Vinny will discuss consultation dates with you. If distance is an issue, accommodations may be made.

4) Deposit. A non-refundable deposit for is required before proceeding with booking. $200 for an average sitting (1-4hrs) and $400 for a full-day (4+hrs) session. The deposit will go towards the session price. Vinny will provide the deposit instruction. Additional information can be found on the deposit page. 

5)Hourly rate. Vinny is currently at $350/hour. CASH ONLY.

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